HackTO #2

One of the best ways to continue learning is to take part in hackathons. You’re thrown into a group of developers and told to make something with a limited amount of time. Sometimes you’re provided with APIs or a specific instruction set on what to make and other times it’s up to you. I’ve always found that the stress of figuring something out over a short period of time helps me learn better.

HackTO is a hackathon in Toronto where developers are given 7 hours to make something built off of the provided APIs. The first HackTO was hosted at Tineye’s headquarters and my team, @ashchristopher, @terencelo and myself won it using YellowAPI. This time around I’m hoping to make something that’s both useful and creative.

Here are the details for HackTO #2


  • Saturday April 14, 2012 from 9 AM to 8 PM
  • The new Freshbooks HQ: 35 Golden Avenue, Suite 105


One of the best parts about HackTO (other than learning new things and meeting new people) is the prizes. HackTO #1 had fantastic prizes and this time around it’s no different.

  • First place: $2,000
  • Second place: $1,500
  • Third place: $500
Along with these monetary prizes there are also company sponsor prizes where companies can offer prizes for the applications that best use their API.


HackTO is always a great event and if you’re thinking about going you should sign up soon.