Introducing the Jeeves Framework

I’m proud to announce my first ever open source framework, Jeeves. Jeeves helps you make new IRC bots in a single click. It handles all of the mundane things like connecting, joining and messaging and allows you to focus on creating the functionality you want from your bot.

The framework is built in Python, adding new commands is as simple as writing your own plugin (examples are included). You can pick up the framework from here and the README file should be everything you need to get started.

It all started when I was reading about a few different IRC bots made in Python and I thought to myself, “It should be easier to spin up new bots”. I wrote the first version of Jeeves in a week, modeling it’s usage after Django.

I’ll continue to post updates, changes and features on this blog. If you’d like to contribute plugins or improvements feel free to contact me here or through Github.