Choosing Talks based off of Blog Posts

I’ve always enjoyed going to meetups, conferences and other tech events and lately I’ve wanted to give back to these communities by giving talks on things I found interested. The problem is, I always worried that what I found interesting other people would find boring. I would think of great talk ideas but always chicken out at the last-minute out of fear that people wouldn’t want to listen to what I had to say.

After thinking of this problem for a few days I came to a solution that I think works well. I’m going to create talks on the most popular content from this blog. Here are a few reasons why I’m going to do this.

People are Interested in it
If a specific post is getting thousands of visitors from different websites, links and searches I know that people are interested in the topic I wrote about. This solves the problem where I would second guess myself on whether the content was interesting. I now have specific metrics (visits and comments) to judge whether I should talk about a certain subject.

I’m Lazy
Because I’ve already spent the time researching for the post that I wrote I don’t have to spend this time on the talk. I’m still going to do more research and go into more detail with the talk than I could with a blog post but the base content has already been written.

I Don’t Have to Choose
Like I said before, I now have specific metrics to choose whether I should talk about a certain subject. I don’t have to base my decision off of what I think would be interesting. Any time I can limit the decisions I have to make I count that as a win.

Going forward I’m going to craft my talks on the most popular blog posts. I’ll see how this works out for me and report back soon.