Procrastinating Tip: Reward for Completing Tasks

I procrastinate a lot. I started this blog to help me with procrastination and it failed as I had a 6 month hiatus between posts. Recently though I came up with a new strategy to help with stop procrastinating and actually get stuff done: reward based tasks.

Reward based tasks are fairly simple. Every time you do a task (or x number of tasks) you get a reward and it can be anything from a new bottle of scotch to a vacation.

Everyone Likes Getting Things

This is the main reason why this works so well. I know if I write that one blog post I’ll be able to enjoy a nice cold beer or go out for a fancy dinner. The potential for reward forces you to complete the mundane task that you’ve procrastinated on for so long.

It Forces you to Break Things into Tasks

When a task or project is too large to complete in a single work session (typically 2-3 hours) people often procrastinate working on it. Assigning rewards helps you break up large tasks into smaller, moreĀ manageableĀ ones since the more tasks you complete the more rewards you can give yourself.

It Works for Everyone

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a developer, an artist or physician, whether you’re 10 years old of 80, this method works for all. Find a reward that works for you and stop procrastinating.