March 2012 in Review

After 6 months of procrastinating I finally got around to writing more articles. After DjangoCon in September 2011 there was an increase in readers to the site. As these numbers started dying down I became discouraged and stopped writing.

Since I started writing again this month I’ve noticed a large increase in readers, comments and discussions with other developers. As I said in my last monthly re-cap I plan on doing these more often. This time I promise I won’t procrastinate like I did last time.

Here are the statistics for March:

Number of Articles: 8
Number of Comments: 11
Visitors: 4,031 visitors
Page Views: 4,982 pageviews (1.24 pages/visit)
Average Time: 0:35 min. avg time on site
Bounce Rate: 88.54%
RSS Subscribers: 26

March 2012 Statistics

Top Sources:

Reddit – 1,183 visits (30.26%)
Direct – 901 visits (23.05%)
Feedburner – 439 visits (11.23%)
Google (Search) – 437 visits (11.18%)
YCombinator – 361 visits (9.24%)

 Top Content:

Most Important Changes in Django 1.4
Make It Easy to Unsubscribe from your Email List
Southern Tier Unearthly Review
Djangocon 2011 – Building APIs in Django with Tastypie
Properly Handling Failures

A couple days before Django 1.4 was released I posted about the changes I thought were most important. This went to the front page of the Django sub-reddit as well as the planet Django rss feed. As this post gained traction more and more people started linking to it and Google ranked it on the first page for the term “Django 1.4”.

As a Django developer I have a few in-depth posts on different aspects of Django that I hope will help other developers. I’m also planning a “Getting Started with Django” series for those who are trying to learn Python and Django.

Final Thoughts

Obviously if I want more traffic I need to continue posting. My initial plan was to post every M-W-F but I quickly found this just isn’t sustainable. I’m going to continue writing when I can and posting about technology related, food and drink. Feel free to drop a comment or message me if there’s anything in particular that you’d like to read about.


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