Welcome to ProcrastinatingDev.com. I started this blog almost 10 years ago to help me become a better developer. Over the years a number of things have changed. I’ve gone from a developer to a manager and then a manager to a director. I’ve gotten married and had two kids. I’ve travelled the world (6 of 7 continents) and I’ve learned a lot over the years.

Why restart this blog?

This year the world was hit with a devastating pandemic, COVID-19. While under lockdown I began to think about financial stability and how dangerous it is to have a single source of income. I began thinking about the kind of activities I could start doing to better protect myself and my family in case I ever lost my job. I’ve thought of a number of ideas, ranging from building out a side project, writing, dividend investing and more, and I wanted to start chronicling them here. I have no idea whether any of these ideas will ever come to fruition but I thought it’d be an interesting experiment to try.

I’m going to set a goal for myself to hit $5000/month in passive income. This is slightly more than the average Canadian income and I thought it’d be an interesting milestone to reach for. In an upcoming article, I’ll speak more on why I set this goal and how I plan on hitting it.

What to Expect

So what can you expect from procrastinatingdev.com? Well, I’ve got a number of articles already written and plan to release them once a week, every Tuesday, at least for the foreseeable future. These posts will generally fall under one of these categories.

Technical Articles

I’ve got a number of articles planned where I deep dive into a technical topic. My background is in Python so a number of these will be focused on that but there’s also the possibility for articles on Postgres (or databases in general), Javascript and more.

Management Posts

I’ve been a manager for over 7 years now and I’ve spent a tonne of time reading, researching, experimenting and failing at how to be a better manager. I’ve mentored junior developers to senior, senior devs to managers. I’ve hired dozens of people and fired a few too. I’ve managed budgets, negotiated software licenses and presented 5-year strategic roadmaps to C-level executives. I plan on writing about all of these things here.

Side Hustle Updates

I mentioned that one of my goals was to hit $5000/month to protect myself against having a single income. One of the ideas on getting there is to start a side hustle. I’ve got a few ideas brewing (and a couple of domains purchased) so I’ll be speaking about how to build a side hustle from scratch.

Financial Updates

Every month I’ll have an extra post going through the financial update for that month as I strive to hit my goal. I’ll break it down by channel and give insight into how I went about making it and how you could too.

So if any of this sounds interesting and you’d like to follow along please feel free to signup below to stay up to date. See you around!


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