A Month in Review

As of today ProcrastingDev.com officially turns 1 month old. I know a lot of websites do monthly/yearly reviews on their traffic and I wanted to do the same. I’m planning on doing this on a month by month basis to try to get an understanding on how well I’m doing promoting the blog.

Here are the first months statistics:

Number of Articles: 36
Number of Comments: 8
Visitors: 2,801 visitors
Page Views: 5,442 pageviews (1.94 pages/visit)
Average Time: 2:04 min. avg time on site
Bounce Rate: 63.87%
RSS Subscribers: 19


Top Sources:

Direct – 1,067 visits (38.17%)
Feedburner – 686 visits (24.57%)
Google (Referrer) – 306 visits (11.01%)
Google (Search) – 183 visits (6.33%)
Twitter – 148 visits (5.22%)

 Top Content:

Making Interactive Maps for the Web
Advanced Django Form Usage
Building APIs in Django with TastyPie
Real Word Deployment using Chef


DjangoCon 2011

As you can see from the Top Content for this month all of the posts are my live-blogging from DjangoCon. A lot of my traffic came from live-blogging the conference because the feeds showed up on Django’s main website, on a lot of people’s twitter feeds and all over the place. While the conference is now over I’m still getting a lot of residual search engine traffic from these articles.

The big spikes in the traffic are during that conference as people searched for #djangocon2011. The blog also got mentioned by a lot of high-profile Django developers so that helped as well.


So far, other than adding my feed to a couple of feed aggregators and tweeting out my articles I haven’t really done any promotion. When I comment on different tech blogs I include the URL when available but the traffic from this is very minimal.

In the future I’d like to start guest-blogging for larger sites to try to gather a larger following. This is something I’ll try this month.

Final Thoughts

DjangoCon certainly gave me a boost in traffic and while it has decreased now that the conference is over the overall traffic is still greater (3-4x) than before the conference.

I’m going to try to continue posting every Monday, Wednesday and Friday as this seems to be working.

Stay tuned for more goodness…

  • http://gun.io Rich Jones

    Thanks for sharing!

    I like the idea of M-W-F blogging schedules. I tend to blog whenever the mood strikes me, but I think I’d see more sustained traffic if I kept to a schedule.

    I like these reports – do another one in two months so we can see how you’ve grown!

    • Adam

      I plan on doing another one next month. I procrastinated blogging for 6 months or so and just got started again.

      Hopefully traffic continues to increase and it’ll be a more interesting update.