How to do Customer Service Right

I frequently buy social coupons from sites like Groupon, LivingSocial and WagJag. A few nights ago I tried to go to a Local burger company because I had bought a coupon for it from WagJag. I don’t have a printer at home so I went in with my cell phone and the┬ácoupon loaded and tried to order. They proceeded to tell me that I had to print the coupon out to use it. Dejected, I left and went home, tweeting on the way. The following is the conversation that followed with @WagJag.

My initial tweet to @WagJag. I was more annoyed at the company than at WagJag
Here's @WagJags first response. They tell it how it should work (and how I initially thought their app would work)
My next response on what the merchant said.
Where WagJag really starts to shine. Without even talking to the merchant they're willing to refund my money.
My last response in the conversation. I like the burgers I from the coupon so I didn't want a refund.
WagJag is amazing. They're quickly rectifying the problem. Talking with the Merchant to get things right.

As you can see above, WagJag went out of their way to make happy. They responded extremely quickly and they could have just said “those are the rules” or “Sorry, nothing we can do about it” but they didn’t. They realized their brand is more important and took the extra time to make me happy (this all took place past 10pm).

Many companies (Dell, Rogers, Banks) should really take note. Sometimes lap it takes is a couple tweets to make your customers happy.