DjangoCon US 2011

I’m extremely excited that for the first time I’m going to DjangoCon. Having never been to any large conferences I really don’t know what to expect. What I do know is that there are a lot of excellent talks schedule and that I’ll be live-blogging all the talks that I go to.

Here’s a list of the events and talks that I’ll be going to (and hopefully live-blogging from):

Tuesday September 6th

9:15am – Keynote by David Eaves

10:30am – Testing with Lettuce and Splinter by Adam Nelson

11:20am – Confessions of Joe Developer by Daniel Greenfeld

1:30pm – The story and tech of Read the Docs by Eric Holscher

2:20pm – Testing: The Developer Strikes Back by Sandy

3:30pm – State of the DSF Keynote by Russell Keith-Magee

4:20pm – Secrets of PostgreSQL Performance by Frank Wiles

Wednesday September 7th

9:00am – Lightning Talks

10:30am – Keynote by Brad Fitzpatrick

11:20am – RESTful APIs: Promises & Lies by Tareque Hossain

1:30pm –  A Little South Sanity by Brian Luft

2:20pm – Building APIs in Django with Tastypie by Issac Kelly

3:30pm – Stop Tilting at Windmills – Spotting Bottlenecks by Yann Malet

4:20pm – Safely deploying on the cutting edge by Eric Holscher

5:10pm – Benevolent Designer For Life’s Keynote – Designers Make It Go to Eleven

Thursday September 8th

9:00am – Lightning Talks

10:00am – Keynote by Glyph Lefkowitz

11:20am – Advanced Django Form Usage by Daniel Greenfeld

1:30pm – Advanced security topics by Paul McMillan

2:20pm – Deployment, Daemons and Datacenters by Andrew Godwin

3:30pm – Taming dependencies with pip by Carl Meyer

4:20pm – Cache rules everything around me by Jacob Burch

5:10pm – Django Core Dev Panel

Hopefully you’ll tune back for my live-blogging coverage of each talk. I’m really excited about learning new things about Django and hearing other Django developers talk.