Founders Bolt Cutter Review


Name: Bolt Cutter
Brewery: Founders Brewing Company
Style: Barely Wine
ABV: 15%

Birthdays are a special time for everyone and when a brewing company turns 15 something special happens. Founders Brewing Company hit 15 years old this year and released a monster of a barley wine. At 15% Bolt Cutter is still very drinkable with a little heat from the booze coming on at the end. This was my second offering from Founders and I’m very excited to review it.

Appearance: Bolt Cutter pours a clear, deep copper colour with a small off-white head. This head dissipates quickly and leaves minimal lacing.
Smell: Bourbon and caramel are the first notes that I can smell. I also got a little sweetness of brown sugar and fruit. I can get some citrusy pine from the hops but it’s very muted.
Taste: The taste is very similar to the smell with rum notes, caramel and honey coming through. I didn’t get as much of the bourbon as I would have thought considering it was aged in bourbon barrels. Again, there is some hop presence but it’s muted.
Mouthfeel: This is a full-bodied beer with moderate carbonation. It’s very sweet like any good barley wine should be.
Drinkability: There’s definitely some booziness to the Bolt Cutter but that’s expected with a 15% beer. The sweetness for me is fairly balanced and I would definitely drink this again if I could get my hands on it.

Founders Bolt Cutter is a fairly good barley wine. While it’s not my favourite one out there it definitely holds it own. Unfortunately this is a limited release so if you haven’t been able to get your hands on it yet you probably won’t be able to.

Rating: 7/10