Ready Set Sprint – DjangoCon 2011 Sprints

As the conference wraps up the sprints get started. For those that don’t know what a software sprint is:

sprint is a get-together of people involved in a project to give a focused development on the project. Sprints are typically two to seven days long. Sprints have become popular events among some Open Source projects. [wikipedia]

DjangoCon 2011 Sprints are being held at Urban Airship in Downtown Portland. So far I’m really impressed with their space. It’s an open style concept with a warehouse feel. The people here have been really nice to host over 100 developers, and the sponsors have even catered it.

This year a number of teams have gotten together and are sprinting on different Django related projects. While all of them sounded great I decided to dive into Django’s open tickets to see how I can help.

While I’ve only been here a couple of hours I’ve closed one ticket as invalid and added a patch (and documents) to another.

It definitely doesn’t take a lot of work to look into Trac. Finding something you can work on is a little more difficult but even adding extra documentation or reviewing tickets can help out the core developers and make Django a better place.