DjangoCon 2011 Wrap Up

Sadly DjangoCon 2011 has come and gone and while I’m sad that it is over I’m excited to try the things I learned over the conference. There were a number of excellent talks by a number of great speakers but there were a few that stood out to me.

Advanced Security Topics – Paul McMillan had a great talk on different security aspects of Django. He showed a couple of critical flaws (that were patched in 1.3.1 and 1.2.7. He also talked about the django-secure application that can help you plug your security holes within your own Django projects. Overall this was my favourite talk due to Paul’s excellent presentation and the quality of the content.

Secrets of PostgreSQL Performance – Frank Wiles also had a great talk on performance tuning your PostgreSQL server. While this wasn’t really geared towards Django I thought there were a number of great performance tips that he gave to speed up your DB server. I’ve already followed a few of these tips and have noticed a slight increase in performance.

The Story and Tech of Read The Docs – Eric Holscher talked about how Read The Docs came to be and the technology of how it’s hosted and deployed. This was very informative on some of the best practices for setting up servers for Django projects. I wish I had gone to the other talk by Eric but it conflicted with the ‘Best Practices for Front-End Django Developers’ which turned out to be a mediocre talk.

DjangoCon 2011

DjangoCon was a great experience. I met a lot of people who I had only ever known online and it was good to finally put faces to aliases. The conference itself had a lot of great speakers and quality information. It was tiring but well worth it.


I must say that while the conference was very good, the city was better. Portland had a number of great local pubs and an even larger number of awesome microbrews. They had some of the most delicious beer I’ve ever had and I’m quite sad that I had to leave that. I’ll have a post coming up purely based on the beer of DjangoCon.

There were two things I noticed about Portland while I was there.

  1. The city seemed to be dead after 8pm. This was unusual for me coming from Toronto and was rather annoying because of the social networking events often went to 7:30-8pm. I later found out that this was localized to around the hotel and there were different neighbourhoods that partied much later.
  2. The city was extremely clean. There was no garbage on the streets, not even cigarette butts. I’ve never seen such a clean city before.

Next Year

I definitely want to go do DjangoCon 2012 in Washington D.C. DjangoCon 2011 was such a great learning experience that I can’t imagine not going to the next one. Something that I think I’ll try next year is submitting a talk. There were quite  a few talks this year where I thought to myself “I could have given that talk”. I’ve never talked to such a large group but I might give it a try next year.


    It is need for everyone to go DjangoCon next year. DjangoCon in previous year was such a great learning experience. Hope next time it will better than previous.