DjangoCon US 2011

I’m extremely excited that for the first time I’m going to DjangoCon. Having never been to any large conferences I really don’t know what to expect. What I do know is that there are a lot of excellent talks schedule and that I’ll be live-blogging all the talks that I go to.

Here’s a list of the events and talks that I’ll be going to (and hopefully live-blogging from): Continue reading DjangoCon US 2011

August 2011 Earthquake and how Twitter has Surpassed Newspapers

Today at approximately 1:50pm there was a 5.9 magnitude earthquake just outside of Washington, D.C. It was felt all over the eastern seaboard and as far north as Ottawa Ontario.

This was the first earthquake I have ever felt but what I found more interesting however was that it took traditional newspapers upwards of 20 minutes to report on anything while tweets were flying in faster than people could read them. In the age of Twitter, Facebook and other social networks people are demanding up-to-the second news and waiting even a few minutes can be to long. Continue reading August 2011 Earthquake and how Twitter has Surpassed Newspapers

Welcome to ProcrastinatingDev

I’ve never been one to write welcome notes or good-bye letters so bear with me and I promise I’ll start writing about more interesting things.

My name is Adam McKerlie and I’m a web developer out of Toronto Ontario. I’ve been programming for the past 10 or so years now. I started with QBasic moving on to VBScript. In University I started programming in C and Java with a brief look into PHP and Python. My first job was working on a PHP web application and since then I’ve moved to Python and Django applications. Currently I work at a large Travel Company working with Django, jQuery , PostgreSQL and other interesting technologies.

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