DjangoCon 2011 Day 1 Lunch

With the first mornings talks all wrapped up we headed upstairs for a complimentary lunch. The lunch was delicious and consisted of chicken marinated in a mango-pepper sauce, salmon with a sesame glaze, fresh grilled peppers, zucchini, onions and peppers, a wild rice and a salad.

I wasn’t expecting much from a free meal but the Hilton really delivered. Everything was cooked properly and tasted very fresh and delicious. Continue reading DjangoCon 2011 Day 1 Lunch

DjangoCon 2011 – Confessions of Joe Developer

Next up is Daniel Greenfeld talking about his experiences with Django.

Over the course of 6 years of Python development at NASA, Revsys, and Eldarion; Daniel Greenfeld has picked up a lot of easy tricks stolen from the best and brightest in the Python community that make him look good in front of his peers and clients. And now, at great risk to his career and reputation, he is going to show you how he does it.

Final Thoughts: Great talk by Daniel Greenfeld with a number of good points. My code definitely needs to be documented better and ladies deserve more respect in open source communities.

You can find the slides over at slideshare.
Updates Below:
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DjangoCon 2011 – Testing with Lettuce and Splinter

After a small scheduling change Adam Nelson will be replacing Alex Gaynor for a talk on Lettuce and Splinter.

Lettuce, adapted from Ruby’s Cucumber, is a behavior driven development (BDD) testing suite that sits on top of Splinter – a web driver for simulating real-world usage of your site. Learn the ins and outs of BDD using Lettuce and Splinter for rapid deployment.

Overall I found the talk lacking a little bit (but he was asked this morning). I think the language is promising but too verbose for actual use.

Lessons I took away: I need to start testing.
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DjangoCon 2011 – Portland

DjangoCon 2011 officially launches in just under 2 hours (12pm EST, 9am PDT) and you can already feel the excitement in the air (actually, most people are just starting to wake up).

This year you’ll be able to follow along even if you’re not in lovely Portland by heading on over to where they’ll be live streaming both tracks. You can see the official schedule at to decide which tracks you want to follow along at.

This year has a lot of great speakers so stay tuned.

How to do Customer Service Right

I frequently buy social coupons from sites like Groupon, LivingSocial and WagJag. A few nights ago I tried to go to a Local burger company because I had bought a coupon for it from WagJag. I don’t have a printer at home so I went in with my cell phone and the coupon loaded and tried to order. They proceeded to tell me that I had to print the coupon out to use it. Dejected, I left and went home, tweeting on the way. The following is the conversation that followed with @WagJag. Continue reading How to do Customer Service Right

Why I Love Working for a Small Company, Django and Open Source Software

Yesterday was my former boss’ last day at the job after working here for 11 years. Instead of getting him a large comical card that everyone in the office signs (we have multiple offices around the globe) we decided to create a web page where employees could sign a virtual wall, as well as view embarrassing photos of our boss. I turned to my trusty framework Django and Twitters Bootstrap to get the job done quickly and easily. Continue reading Why I Love Working for a Small Company, Django and Open Source Software

Your First C Program

So, you want to be able to write C programs? Well, you have come to the right place. Over the next few weeks I’ll be writing a series of tutorials called “The Basics”. Each one of these tutorials will cover a different subject that will help you learn how to program in C. In this weeks tutorial I’ll teach you how to write your first C program.
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How to Reply to an Email

This morning I followed my usual schedule. I woke up, fired up my laptop, checked my blogs for any new comments, checked my feeds for any new posts and then opened my email client. As I was wading through the many emails (I have five different emails that I go through) I came across this email from a blog that I commented on yesterday:

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